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Work Ethics & Principles

Accreditation to ISO 15189

Medical Laboratories around the world need to follow strict procedures and practices , so that the quality of test reports can be of high quality. In Green Cross special care has been taken by the board of Directors to make sure all procedures follow specific requirements that are prescribed by certifies bodies.

To provide a reliable, consistent, and high quality medical reports to the population in Mauritius, Green Cross has brought itself as the premier private laboratory to meet standards that enables our clinical laboratory and staff to meet ISO 15189 policies and regulatory requirements.

These policies enables us to act in accordance with Quality Systems, and provide the best possible patient care.

Qualified and Trained Personnel

Green Cross has grown into a well organised team of committed ,trained and experienced personnel. Having under its fold over 100 employees, Green Cross strives to meet its customer needs through an unparalleled level of service.

The Staff is divided into the following categories:

    • Doctor Pathologists
    • Biomedical Scientists
    • Laboratory Quality Manager
    • Bacteriologist
    • Human Resource Manager
    • Receptionists
    • Phlebotomists for blood sample collection
    • Laboratory Assistants and Technicians
    • Data Processing Officers
    • Customer Relation Officer


Dr B.C Gowreesunkur (M.B.B.S, M.D) Pathologist , is the founder and CEO of  Green Cross Medical Laboratory  and Diagnostic Centre, the leading  private medical laboratory in Mauritius. Established in 1990, Green Cross has set itself to provide a unique, modern, reliable, and high quality service to its clients.

Dr. B.D Gowreesunkur (Clinical Geneticist) , is the Managing Director, from Imperial College of Science and Technology, London UK, with years of experience at St. Georges Hospital, London UK. His background and expertise in the medical laboratory now adds a unique lustre to Green Cross in providing a modern, innovative approach using state of the art technology with focus on quality and service.

Quality Control

Laboratory quality control is designed to detect, reduce, and correct deficiencies in a laboratory’s internal analytical process prior to the release of patient results, in order to improve the quality of the results reported by the laboratory.

Quality control is a measure of precision, or how well the measurement system reproduces the same result over time and under varying operating conditions. Green Cross has invested significantly in quality control material. The controls are usually run at the beginning of each shift, after an instrument is serviced, when reagent lots are changed, after calibration, and whenever patient results seem inappropriate.

EQAS is the largest global EQA scheme. It is used by 16,000 laboratories worldwide. EQAS is accredited to a number of internationally recognised standards. The objective of performing EQA is to develop inter-laboratory comparability which allows standardisation of diagnostic testing. EQA measures a laboratory’s accuracy using ‘blind’ samples that are analysed as if they were patient samples. For Green Cross EQA has a number of functions:

    • Maintaining and improving the analytical quality of laboratory tests
    • Detecting equipment failures, identifying reagent problems, reviewing staff training
    • Initiating and evaluating corrective actions
    • Comparing different analytical methods

Participation in an EQA scheme will help produce reliable and accurate reporting of patient results, consequently  providing accurate patient diagnosis and treatment.

State of the Art Equipment

To provide a high level of quality, 100% of accuracy and a world-class service to its clients, Green Cross has invested extensively to acquire the latest ultra sensitive, high precision and  modern equipment  to perform all its medical tests.

IT & Barcode System

For a proficient management of medical test reports, Green Cross has devoted itself to the latest technology available, to develop an IT system that will enable the easy and efficient storage and retrieval of client information and test of results.

The aim and goal of Green Cross is to ensure that the results generated by the  test are precise and accurate. Furthermore, Green Cross has its policy based on quality assurance that is it must ensure that the right test is carried out on the right specimen, and that the right result and right interpretation is delivered to the right person at the right time.

Green Cross has set up internal policies and procedures to ensure that each and every person performing medical test in our lab, receives the best quality of medical reports. That is why; Green Cross has also invested massively in an advanced barcode system that enables the elimination of typing errors and sample mismatch.

SMS & Online Services

As soon as medical reports are ready, an automatic SMS is sent to each client as a notification. The client can download his or her report using the unique keycode sent in the SMS.

Our reports are now a click away from your Mobile Phone (Android / Iphone), Personal Computer, MacBook,Ipad,Android Tablet and Laptop.

Using the latest technology available on the internet, Green Cross now offers you the facility of viewing and printing  all your test reports directly at home or in your office.