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Green Cross Medical Laboratory and Diagnostic Centre was founded in 1990 by  Dr B.C Gowreesunker (MBBS, MD) – Pathologist . Through constant innovation, with high quality testing, it has today grown into the leading medical laboratory in Mauritius spanning over 43 locations across the island and 1 location in Rodrigues. Using the latest state of the art technology Green cross now offers an extensive range of medical testing to assist clinicians and patients in their day to day medical needs.
We founded our laboratory on 3 principles:

  • Quality
  • Selfless Service
  • Professional Expertise

Mission & Vision


To maintain the position of market leader in private medical diagnostics in Mauritius as an effort to alleviate the suffering of patients by dedicated people through unsurpassed diagnostics and innovation.

Mission Statement

To provide highest quality medical laboratory services using the most advanced technologies. With emphasis on customer care, compassion and professional expertise, Green Cross continually strives for accuracy of testing, swiftness of service and responsiveness to individual customer needs.

Our Philosophy

It is our philosophy that patients and our clients deserve quality testing, combined with the highest level of customer service at a reasonable cost. We believe that every specimen is more than just a sample of blood or urine, we treat every specimen tested with the same respect we would the person from which it came. We realize that every specimen represents a mother, father or child who mean as much to someone else as our own love-ones mean to us.

Our Team

Green Cross Medical Laboratory is made up of over 100 employees. It is those employees and their dedication to provide the best laboratory services available from any laboratory that allow Green Cross Medical Laboratory to enjoy the reputation that it is known for.

Management Team

Managing Directors

Dr. B.C Gowreesunkur

Dr. Doorgesh B Gowreesunkur
Clinical Geneticist

Laboratory Manager

Mr Akshay Radhakissoon
BSc, MSc

Operations Manager

Mr Shreenivash Busawon

Quality Managers

Miss Disha Sookdeb
Miss Suvarna Chintamunee

Modern  and  Convivial /Hospitable Infrastructure more than 40 Test Centres

Situated at the heart of Plaine Wilhems, Belle – Rose, only few minutes away from the Cyber City of Mauritius, stands the brand new and modern, 7 storey  Green Cross  Building . Green Cross can now easily accommodate more people at the same time specially in the early hours of the day, when there is a rush. The serene atmosphere of reception counter will make you forget all your fears facing the needle. The light music in the background, the clean and sparkling reception, the ever smiling receptionists will immediately give you a sense of peace and tranquility.

Our aim has always remain,  to surpass our customer’s expectations consistently. Green Cross wants to lead by example, that is to set standards in the medical testing and be an exemplar for the industry and ourselves. The Pursuit of excellence, constantly improving ourselves, our teams, our services and products has become the main goal of our organization.

Quality & Accreditation

ISO 15189

To provide a reliable, consistent, and high quality medical reports to the population in Mauritius, Green Cross has brought itself as the premier private laboratory to meet standards that enables our clinical laboratory and staff to meet ISO 15189 policies and regulatory requirements. These policies enables us to act in accordance with Quality Systems, and provide the best possible patient care.

To meet the expectations of our customers and be your No 1 Medical Laboratory is the motto of Green Cross.

    • We are dedicated to please you and leave you with a feel of satisfaction at each visit.
    • Exceptional customer service is, going above and beyond, for a customer. Green Cross wants to
      make its customers feel special and cared for by providing an exceptional service.

From the time of its conception, Green Cross has invested extensively in Customer care. Green Cross has put systems in place to maximise its customers’ satisfaction with the services offered to them. It is the management’s prime consideration to offer high quality, modern and world class service on keeping its customers happy.

Factors that have contributed to your satisfaction at Green Cross is based on the following:

    • How well our  services matches your needs
    • The value for money you offer
    • Your efficiency and reliability in fulfilling requests
    • The professionalism, friendliness and expertise of all our employees
    • How well you keep your customers informed
    • The post testing services we provide
    • Dealing with customer suggestions and feedbacks

Green Cross performs continuous training courses for all its personnel for ensuring the highest possible levels of customer care. The following explains the various ways in which Green Cross has set itself to provide a unique and exclusive service its clients:

Customer service is an integral part of our job. Green Cross understands that a company’s most vital asset is its customers. Without them, we would not and could not exist. That is why the practice of customer service is present at all levels of our organization. Our courteous and friendly tele-agent personnel will have the pleasure and privilege to answer to your requests and need.

Service of Proximity – More than 40 Collection Centers

Our aim at Green Cross has always been to become closer to you. Our Client is the most important asset that we have. To invest heavily for their ease is our duty.That is why, Green Cross has set up 43 of its collection centres around the island and 1 in Rodrigues, Port Mathurin. Being aware of the growing time constraint of every individual in the ever demanding life-style in Mauritius, Green Cross has established a service of proximity for public in Mauritius.

We are present in all the  big towns in the Plaine Wilhems and most of the main towns of other districts.

Now, a client who needs to perform a blood test in Grand-Baie in the north or Chemin-Grenier in the South need not travel to come to our head office. He can easily visit one of his nearest Green Cross branch in his own locality and perform the the same tests that could have been done in Belle-Rose. Moreover, he now can collect all his test reports at the same branch through the modern and advanced IT system that serves Green Cross for reports management. Green Cross Medical Laboratory and Diagnostic Centre offers a variety of report options and styles to meet your needs.

    • Hand Delivery Reports in all branches, across the island
    • Faxing of reports to doctors, clinics, and directly to clients
    • E-mailing of reports  to doctors, clinics and directly to clients
    • Online reports available for all Green Cross Clients, with SMS notifications
    • Green Cross Post Services.

SMS Notifications of reports.

Database of Clients  performing tests at Green Cross ,for each referral doctors. Your reports are now a click away from your Personal Computer or Laptop. Using the latest technology available on the internet, Green Cross now offers you the facility of  viewing and printing  all your test reports directly at home or in your office.

Explanation of Tests Reports by the Management team and Doctors

Green Cross offers all its clients FREE advice on all their test reports.